I3E 2020 – Call for workshops

The 19th IFIP Conference on e-Business, e-Services and e-Society

Responsible design, implementation and use of information and communications technology

6 – 8 April 2020

Skukuza, Kruger National Park, South Africa


General Information (READ THIS FIRST)


  • As a workshop organizer you are in charge of advertising your workshop and attracting papers on the subject topic.
  • Please note that in accordance with Springer rules, each paper received must be anonymously reviewed by at least 3 reviewers, and that the overall acceptance rate should not be higher than 40%. This is a strict requirement.
  • We will provide information about how you should set up the submission and review system.
  • Papers submitted to I3E2020 workshops need to follow the LNCS guidelines and be no longer than 12 pages:
    Accepted papers will be included in a Springer post-conference proceedings (to be confirmed).
  • Accepted papers should register through the registration page on
  • Authors are required το have registered and to present their papers in order for them to be included the conference proceedings.
  • Please provide us your calls for workshops as soon as possible so we can publish them on the I3E 2020 website.
  • The dates for submission is 15 November and authors should be notified by 20 December. Make sure authors, reviewers and organizers comply with these deadlines.
  • In the case that the workshop does not manage to attract a sufficient number of accepted papers (i.e. at least 3) it will be merged with other similar ones or be included in one of the main conference tracks.
  • Fill in all the information and delete any text that is marked with red or blue.
  • The deadline for submitting proposals for workshops is 21 October 2019.
  • All workshop proposals must be sent by email addressed to Machdel Matthee and copying the other conference organisers (,,



Title (Please provide a full title and an acronym)


Short description and goals
Provide 2-3 paragraphs describing the subject area and the types of papers you would like to attract.

Initial list of topics
Provide a list of 10-15 bullets on the main themes of the workshop and the areas papers should try to contribute towards.  For example:

  1. Emerging concepts and methodologies on big data and analytics
  2. Big data and management
  3. IT Governance
  4. Business IT alignment
  5. Social media in business
  6. ……..

Organizers and Chairs
Provide a list of 2-5 organizers and chairs for the workshop. Include all affiliations and contact details. Please also indicate who is the main contact point.  For example:

Machdel Matthee –


Preliminary program committee


Provide a list of 10 or more program committee members that can serve as reviewers. We highly recommend that you contact program committee members to ensure that they are available to perform the required reviews.

Workshop chairs’ previous experience in organizing similar events


Provide a short description for the proposed workshops chairs previous experience in organizing similar events as well as their relationship with the topic of the workshop.

Preliminary forecast on possible number of submissions and accepted papers

Indicate the number of expected submissions and anticipated number of papers to be acceptance. If you would like you can also include information regarding a special issue you are organizing and the possibility that some papers may be invited to be included for consideration.